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Which Phone is Better: iPhone X vs iPhone 8 or 8 Plus?

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iPhone 8 or iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus? Let's go ahead and trip through a few reasons why you might want one or the other (or both or neither, perhaps).
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iPhone Crazy 8s:

You see that most features and additions exist in the '8' models
You appreciate balance and clean design
You don't want to wait for app developers to catch up
You want raw power without as high of a price
You appreciate the most usable screen space (iPhone 8 Plus)
You are fine with Touch ID
You never did mind the bezel (that's apparently bad?!)
You have muscle memory with iOS gestures (and an iPad)
You don't want to wait for the iPhone X Experience to Get Better
You want the upgrade immediately without worrying about inventory

iPhone X:

You believe in owning the most expensive everything / luxury
You only see the iPhone as a status symbol / bragging rights
You can get a sticker or app ^^^^^^
You don't mind losing usability and beauty with your apps
You never use landscape mode for anything ever
You want to use animoji more than twice
You see major differences in actual photo quality
You don't mind slightly-enlarged assets
You don't use Touch ID for accessibility reasons

To recap, get the iPhone X if you want the most expensive iPhone to date, iPhone without the most usable screen space, and the iPhone with a questionable design choice that may never get fully mitigated...

If you hear someone call X the "latest and greatest," challenge the latter.

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