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What's New in iOS 10.1 Beta

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these days apple company introduced iOS 10.1 beta were available in rather small at 30 .3 megabytes and this was really

the unimportant upgrade allows a look at the version number , you will find the version is 14 b72 be and I would say it is actually really just an upgrade preparing for iOS 10.1 to be offered to the public

there is really not a whole lot on here everything is becoming pretty well built and completed and running fast with no problems everything appears to be certainly beautiful fixed the earlier beta had a lot better battery life than iOS 10.1 beta 2

so beta 3 was more effectively and beta for hoping that will be even lots of better right now many people are talking they had lag when they were going into the app switcher and zipping via and then getting back I really have a head that lags I don't simply see that problem

everything performs well now I did have a problem where I rotated it to landscaping are coming back next everything zoomed in and then went to the larger style I haven't had that problem with this individual upgrade but that was something to know that I didn't have previously that is specifically it so far as these betas go Perhaps now that we have public beta 4 and developer beta for I would say this is probably going to be quite simply .


the last that will probably release to the public in 2-3 weeks or a week and I think you'll see a fresh apple event as well or keynote where they're going to present some new macs and maybe it has something to do with that in the new air pots coming out but basically that's really all there is and then apple also released iOS 10.3 to the public .


and that was basically only for the iPhone 7 and 7 plus and that allowed this to actually solve some issues early with the cellular connection specifically on Verizon than most of the other service providers but it had to do with some problems there.

so there's not really much more to say here other than hopefully , we have the final one soon and that adds that portrait mode to the camera for iOS10.1 on iPhone 7 plus only and that's really it now if you want the wallpaper.

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