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What is a Computer? Learn Computers Basics

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The computer is an electronic device equivalent information, or "data". It has the ability to store and retrieve data processing. You can use a computer to type documents, send an email and browse the internet. You can also use it to handle spreadsheets, accounting, Database Management, presentations, games, and more.

Watch the video to learn more about the different types of computers.

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Currently , laptops or computers are all around us . From personal computer to mobile phones , they are altering

the manner in which we experience our everyday life . But have you ever expected to yourself , "What exactly IS a computer ?"

A computer is a digital computer system that manipulates data , The computer knows data as 1's and 0's , but it knows how to merge them into more sophisticated things , for example, an image video , web pages , video game , and a lot more .


Computers manage a blending of computer hardware and application .

Computer hardware is any physical part of the computer , including all of the interior parts and also the exterior parts such as the screen and the computer keyboard .


Application is any set of commands that says to the computer hardware how to deal with it , for example, a web browser , media player , or word processor .


When many people say "computer ," they're discuss about a personal computer . This is often a desktop computer , or a laptop computer , which has mainly the similar characteristics but in a more handy package .

PCs consist of two major models : PC and Macintosh . PCs are the most popular model .

There are various corporations which make them , and they usually come with the Microsoft Windows operating system .


Macs , or Macintosh computers , are all made by one company - Apple

- they usually are provided with the Macintosh OS X os .

Computers consist of many other size and shapes . Mobile phones , tablets , game controllers , and even Televisions have integrated computer systems , even though they may not do the whole thing a desktop computer or a laptop can .

There is another kind of computer that represents a significant role in our lives : servers .


A server serves information to other computers on a network . In fact , everytime make use of the internet , web servers provide the web pages that you would like to see to your computer . Servers are also used in many offices to save and promote files .


As you have seen , there are numerous types of computers out there , they usually change our lives in many different ways



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