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Review of AVG Rescue CD

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we're gonna be taking a look at titles primary set it and preparedness about was a two minutes ago

avg rescue CD so now this is and i'll. put it up right now here I'm sure whatever so booted up right now and this is essentially the interface that you'll be greeted with its a bootable linux environment in which you can repair your computer if it is deemed that you just can't boot anymore because malware has destroyed it

so this should allow you to get back in your system and then recover any information that is left so that you can reload the operating system because as I've stated many videos it's always best to reload the operating system if it comes to this point just because you

don't know what's left on the system so it's nice to see that they off the bad  right here you have a memory test

they've included with this too so not  everyone includes that that's a nice little park right there but you could always just download memtest and brand separately but nevertheless it's thrown in here so it's kind of like great you

know it's a free product anyways so what we're going to do is we're going to run it normal so we're gonna run avg see and

it's going to go ahead and boot into that linux environment you'll see that she just a second here and just a second

here you know every single time I tell you guys it and I do this before and I

kind of just ran through there we go I swear it takes like twice as long i'm

talking to you guys anyways here's our disclaimer or the color disclaimer it's

really a license agreement but i love how they call a disclaimer

 so now you can see its mounting the partitions it states have fun to update so we're going to go ahead

and download that update you can see it actually is not taking a long time at all and then as I just say that it's gonna

take forever right so now it's not taking that long at all here so that's it and you do have to have this online i

don't believe that you can manually all things anyway of manually inserting the

signatures into this product I believe it has to have an internet connection so

this is a ethernet connected desktop so as for wireless I can't tell you if it

supports wireless or not it should be able to find your wireless adapter but

as for any Wi-Fi configuring protocols I don't know if that would be included in

here I didn't read anything that says it is so i'm gonna guess know anyone who

knows this may be better than I do feel free to comment and say otherwise

anyway so you can see the update was completed successfully didn't take too

terribly long which is great to see and here is our main menu so far off the bat

is very clean now as you can see it is purely text-based guys there is no guey

there's no mouse you must use the keyboard so those of you who are not

computer savvy and at any of the least bit this might be a little bit different for

you but try it out if anything I think you'll find it's very simple to use to

get a quick scan right here on the presenter you can select partitions or

the volume that you want to essentially scan your skin here you can select

volume specific directories you know those kind of things nothing nothing too

elaborate still scan will go back one more screen advanced this will give you

different options in the sense of if you wanted to create a USB flash drive from

the CD don't know why you really want to do that but you could but then you also

have miscellaneous options you can rerun the update again different utilities

right here what we got for utilities  truecrypt ok so they do include quite a

bit of a slice utilities in here it's nice to see about just going to tell you

the version running so that you can see which version

we're testing here today alright let's


See how well AVG Rescue CD v120.160420 does at cleaning up a highly infected machine.


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avg rescue CD

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