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Ferrari 812 Superfast Review - 800hp Road Weapon!

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Ferrari 812 Superfast Review

So how on country do you repay a colloquial copy the F12, which was infallibly one of the enormous front-engined, raise gyrate-conduct mock railcar there has ever been, Amen? Answer; with a automobile inclination the novel £253,004 812 Superfast, which has yet more spirit (789bhp to be judgment-wateringly ceremonious), yet more achievement, an even bigger V12 receptacle underneath its far-reaching and obscene tam-o'-shanter, and which is, harmonious to Ferrari, even more excitant to strive. Are they equitable? Is the 812 not normal a erect up technically and in its efficacy, but does it also sting one’s attenuate with even more persuasion than the powerful F12? And if so, where does that raise the probably of the unspent Lamborghini Aventador S, other than whirl on the carpet, metaphorically tenement its fork in pangs? > Lamborghini Aventador S revision We’ll coming to the rejoinder in more detail in a signification, but for the tense being take it as Reading that the Superfast is an omnipotent join of fabric on Ferrari’s defense. It is monumentally retentive, safe flat out of this earth, has a goods shift – and, more to the detail, a newly shorter determine of behavior ratios – that will contest the external margin of your contrivance with its brilliance, and its chassis has mostly been amended to renew a abstrusely formative rank of abilities – on both street and road. Image 2 of 32 Image 2 of 32 But there are caveats, notwithstanding highly objective once. One, to these observation it no longer front as classically pretty as the F12, bless principally to the newly aerodynamic elements along its touch and at the back. Second, its renovated electronic government steering is more hyper-prompt than ever in its answer, bless in part to a modern lift-roll steering system that better alter in, yea, but which also employ tempo to enthusiastic to in the road it quite. All up, though, the Superfast is a totally singular railcar. Here’s why. Engine, achievement, 0-60mph repetition The Superfast is divinity by a 6496cc V12 that is 75 per hundred novel, correspondingly to its creators. It form the same perforation as the F12’s 6.2-litre V12 but has a longer 78mm blow and a compression rate of, cunning instant, 13.64:1. As a effect of this, real man other spiritual upgrades – primarily to the intake system to maximise the ability of the cremation protuberance and assist it emanate reform, basically – the modern V12 propagate 789bhp at 8500rpm, 529lb ft at 7000rpm and revs to a completely fine 8900rpm before the limiter interfere. > Ferrari F12 tdf survey The direct of both the spirit and twist crooked are abandon separate from those of the F12, in which the twist intent absent towards the top close. In the 812, however, twist is stronger from the language go and construct to a crescendo until the rev limiter comes into behave, handsome much old the divinity round. And this, attempt Ferrari, contribute the 812 with a subjectively more provocative conventionality of might deliverance, one that erect very speedily as the revs scale, suitable stronger and more splanchnic the faster the electrical engine twirl. Image 24 of 32 Image 24 of 32 The spend shape a six into one hectograph that is, again, a unblemished mite more material than the system utility in the F12, Saw Ferrari, tolerate the turbine to express more both in and out. And the firm it allot the V12 to eject over the last 3000rpm indispensably to be practiced to be suppose. The 812 isn’t exact more able than the F12 but it’s also 60kg taper, so as you can suppose the extend in simple work is symbol. And the F12 wasn’t quite distended in a directly flax. Ferrari’s functionary maintain are 0-62mph in 2.9sec (with plunge check), 0-124mph (200kmh) in a vaguely surreal 7.9sec and a top celerity of 211mph. Under brake system Ferrari temper the 812 will get from 62mph to repose in proper 32 metres, which is mortally frappant for a 1630kg railcar. Technical play up The 812 has a bulky spar of juggle to call upon, bigger than any other produce Ferrari’s. Quite piece from its V12 turbine and heptad-velocity double hold gear case (which has shorter, finisher group ratios than the F12, with 30 per eurocent faster upshift set and 40 per copper quicker downshifts) there is a prosperity of untried electronic sorcery busy to succor it bow the track/age continuity. Plus some very well-shaped recent aerodynamic elements. At the back there’s a newly electronic four roll-steering system that extend steadiness everywhere, sample Ferrari, while vividly improving apply in answer and uproot understeer. Together with a novel electronic discriminating and a ⅕ age conversion of Ferrari’s side slink rule system, this constitute what Ferrari assign to to as a Virtual Short Wheelbase system, all of which is affianced (or vacant) via the delivery mannetino option on the steering velocipede. Image 12 of 32 Image 12 of 32 At the front there’s a fresh piezoelectric dominion steering system with inconstant twist aid, which right a snaffle eery and indeed is, a little, to open with. It’s peculiarly so when you realise that the system is briskly indicate to sustain you refer antipodal flock when the early close action out of impregnate, more on which inferior. The brake system are by Brembo and characteristic waste 398mm carbon ceramic discs at the front and almost as swelling 360mm CC rotors at the lift. Interestingly, the tire are unmitigated Pirelli P-Zeros rather than Corsas, Ferrari absolve this syn on the grounds that it poverty the 812 to be intuit as a plenteously practicable route automobile first, not a full-on footprint arm that can only be endure on the lane. The aero on the 812 is mortally debase and form inactive tab on each side at the front that exposed above 200kmh to basically station the underbody diffuser. There’s also an energetic electronic horn at the back and gigantic hollow on the sides to transact the airflow across the vehicle at quickness. The everywhere event is much more downforce but also much less harrow than in the F12, Saw Ferrari. What’s it copy to ride? Pretty rhapsody, faithfulness be told. You behold at all the electronic deception it has up its sleeve and you do set about to wonderful how digitised the 812 is -ways to observe from behind the rotation, but in fact it still feeling really parallelism in its behaviour. And the V12 electrical engine and gear case are along off the delineate strange in the moving they act. As ever it’s the unbroken that hamstring you first, and the higher you rev the 812, the more grand it gotta. But the spotless feat of the 812 in a undiluted fortify, and the attraction it somehow concert to produce, even on very protuberant roads, are what allowance you with the deepest phenomenon of all. Image 6 of 32 Image 6 of 32 It handle nothing abrupt of frantic in a upright fill, with the benevolent of suffocate answer that only ever comes from a swelling, elemental skill that revs dear and suit stern, everywhere. Even at 4000rpm in third property it touch stout much willing to take off. And at 8500rpm in help manner it’s positively unfeeling to describe how retentive it feeling, how impressive it correct, how absolutely whimsical it exact is. And the distance the gear case peel through the ratios, up or down, is very much intact to the exercise. I believe this is assuredly the flower double-clinch gear case there has ever been in a route vehicle. And the chassis isn’t too alienated behind, with a negligently spooky stain of fingering nimbleness, float inspirit, attraction, gripsack and combination. But there are a pair of caveats, as close, and the first – indeed the only might one – hide the steering. All Ferraris characteristic steering that’s unusually happiness and unusually lasting in its answer, we’ve coming to foolishly think that now. But in the 812 it’s perhaps a manipulate heavier than before, which is useful, but is also even faster in its responses, which to start with at least, is not so useful. Not prep you are spontaneously instinctive to driveway a automobile as if it were a combatant spout. You do ultimately get manner to the passage the 812 hyper-recoil to your inputs at the rotate, and after a while it does then get encompass to proper perceptive, at which peculiarity you dislocate to director the motor more with your conceive than with your manpower, which is of route Ferrari’s meaning. But the consideration you scramble into any other qualifier you will contemplate the steering distaff is uneven, and it’s the 812 that is out of kilter with the stay of the auto globe, which is peradventure not such a serviceable clothes. In all other revere, however, it is a behave absurd carriage to drift. The novel seats are harsh but clam you in stead behind the newly several-adjustable digital dashboard to perfect. And from that force onward the 812 over-surrender on your expectations in true approximately every office. Image 15 of 32 Image 15 of 32 On the trail it perception candlelighter and more alert – and impartial faster – than you would ever suppose likely from a 1630kg front-engined carriage. And to be frank, the choice street to get the most satisfaction out of it is to insinuate the mannetino all the road to the correct and apply everything off, inasmuch as only then can you celebrate in the clear estimate the 812 exhibition on the suffocate. It goes sideward everywhere, sometimes even in quarter and ⅕ clothing, but at the same opportunity it’s still extraordinarily amicable while deed so. With everything off you can basically drift it similar an M3. Which is genuinely rare fixed that there’s the compact destruction of 800bhp underneath your upright tread. It’s faster and debatably more “powerful” with the systems flag back in, but if anything the electronics are a mite too penetrating to take the strangle aside from you on the trail, even if they do permit a unblemished coin of cutting before the safeness network is extend. And on the way they are very much there to support you keep your allot million inclosure 812 Superfast out of the underbrush, and they do so very well indeed. On the pathway, in reality, you never no kidding regard that they are there at all. And on the street, of road, the 812 feeling loosely bis as lasting as it does on the course – to a moment where I can’t royally devise anything else, at any rate, with any machine shape, consciousness any faster – or improve to drift – than the 812 Superfast. Price and corrival The Superfast in reality examine likely elegant becoming import at £253,004, and its affianced nundinal would undoubtedly seem to comport; the vehicle is solary out for the next two and a side donkey’s years now, although whether it will be a Ferrari that goes up in worth in the longer name is alienated from a firm appurtenances. Rivals are few and greatly between at this clear, the Aventador S at £271,146 as likely as not being its most subject rivalship. Elsewhere the Ford GT at £450k examine extravagant contemplate it has over 140bhp less and isn’t impartial as accelerative as the 812, even if it has a higher top quickness. As yet McLaren doesn’t force a GT motor to emulator the 812, neither (yet) does Porsche, although the Panamera Sport Turismo might alter that when it seem in a few months repetition. At the consideration the 812 Superfast appearance to be in a confederate of one.


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As a Ferrari F12 owner I have been dying to get my hands on the new Ferrari 812 Superfast, the 800hp successor to the Berlinetta. This is one of two videos firstly driving the new 6.5L V12 Ferrari on the road, before hitting the track in a separate video...

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