Unlock your android phone automatically

Set your phone to unlock automatically m when you near some places , when your phone hear your sound , when phone see your face and more many that can adjust mobile to open lock screen itself .


You can setup your mobile phone to unlock when you say a countertop or a side table , follow these simple steps

  • Click setting
  • Click security
  • click Smart Lock
  • Confirm Screen Lock
  • tap On-body Detection
  • Switch it On

How to Unlock phone when access places like Home , Work ?

  • Enable Smart Lock as previous steps .
  • Click trusted places
  • Click add Location
  • search for your place and say place name to save it .

How to unlock your phone with your face ?


There are a simple steps shown in the following line


Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted face


you need to scan your face many times with different lights , with or without classes . then when you need to unlock the mobile ,Face to the screen .



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