Galaxy A smartphones features

Samsung announced it's new  edition of Galaxy A  , it came with fewer features than the A and the A
it came with a metal frame but on the back side it has D glass.


just like the one in the Note  and S smartphones , as for the front side we can find the calls speaker on the upper side and the front camera next to it , as for under the screen there is the main button and two touch ones.

the top of the phone there is a slot for an external card , and from bottom side there is a USBC port and the standard mm jack .

on the back side the rear camera is square shaped and next it the flash along with Samsung logo in the middle , on the right side we have a power button and a sound speaker.

and on the left side we have the volume buttons and a slot for sim cards on the lower part
but no information about the weight of the phone.

it came with a mm thickness and it supports G networks , in addition to having a fingerprint scanner in the main button .

the screen size is  inches with an HD resloution , and a density of  ppi , the type is Super AMOLED covered with a gorilla glass.

and it covers % of the overall phone area as for the function it works with Android Marshmallow
and the CPU is an Octacore Exynos  Octa ,  with a frequency up to  GHz .

the phone has a graphic processor of MaliTMP , the RAM is GB and the internal storage is  GB
and an external storage can be added.

the rear camera is  Megapixels which has lens aperture of  auto focus feature and a flash
as for the front camera it's  Megapixels and a lens aperture of .

it has an unremovable battery with mA , but Samsung didn't mention if it supports fast charging feature.

the phone has many features one is Always On Display , which makes the screen work all the time viewing the clock the date and notifications with the least power consumption.

and it also has the Samsung Pay features and dust and water proof according to IP standards
the phone will come in different colors like black blue gold and pink.

it's expected to be available in the international market during this month
there is no known prices for the phone yet but it's most likely to have a price of  dollars.




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