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  • supercharge smartphones chip in 2017 for Qualcomm 835

    In Thursday, November 17th and if you're looking at buying a high-end Androids. You might want to hold off until next year that's because Qualcomm just announced its new top-of-the-line mobile chip. snapdragon 8:35.




    Promises to be 27% faster while using 40% less battery will also feature Qualcomm quick charge for technology that can get you a whopping. Hours of use from just 5 minutes of charging the Snapdragon 8:35 will be the bill.

    Collaboration with Samsung so there's a pretty good chance it'll be inside Samsung Galaxy S8 which theoretically launches in March too. Also look for the new chip in new offerings from LG and HTC and more news about next year's smartphones but this time we're talking.

    The killer new feature on the iPhone it is rumored to be an edge-to-edge OLED. However according to Bloomberg, this place may be in short supply the new OLED panels are both thinner and deliver a more vibrant?

    But they're also more difficult to make Samsung is thought to be the exclusive supplier for these OLED display panels and unfortunately. Ability to make them is reportedly constrained but don't fear iPhone fans other manufacturers like LG and sharp could be tapped.

    Dates for next year's smartphone fake news is still news thanks to more digging into how Facebook has been overrun by bogus articles. Last 3 months of the presidential election partisan clickbait headlines Drew more shares and like on The Social Network than real news.

     According to BuzzFeed false headlines like quote Hillary sold weapons to Isis or actually seen by more people than legitimate real. To be fair to Facebook they didn't write the headlines but they created the best websites looking to cash in on the run-up to the election.

    Political agendas took advantage of Facebook social algorithms this puts Mark Zuckerberg in a difficult position maybe they shouldn't.

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